Nitric Oxide and a Good Sex Life

Nitric Oxide (NO) and Your Sex Life

NO is a substance in the body that has a lot to do with circulation. Good circulation is needed for a good sex life.

Erections and Orgasms

An erection for a man and an orgasm for a female requires adequate blood flow. In fact, continued blood flow is needed. Receptors on the inside of the arteries get this going. This is where nitric oxide gets involved. The cells that line our arteries produce NO. When plaque (see cholesterol) build up in the arteries, NO drops dramatically. When NO levels drop, those arteries cannot dilate (open) properly when they need to.

When do Blood Vessels Need to Open (Dilate)

Blood vessels need to open and dilate when you are physically active, stressed out and yes-during sex. The penis and clitoris counts on this dilation.

How do the sex organs work

When the sex organs are stimulated (visually, physically...) the muscles around the sex organs relax. Did you know there were muscles in that area? There are, and they are important. They relax so that the blood can flow to the area and get absorbed. This is Part A of the erection process. The next thing that happens is that the veins create a barrier of sorts and traps that blood. This creates an erection.

NO and Your Sex Life

What can Go Wrong?

Anything that causes blood flow restriction can really ruin your plans. Clogged arteries (arteriosclerosis) is one example. If your arteries are clogged, you won't have enough Nitric Oxide -remember there if there is plaque, there is less nitric oxide. Without enough NO, not enough blood reaches the genitals.

If the penis doesn't fill with blood (engorgement), the veins won't clamp down and hold even the slightest amount of blood. So the blood right back out.

Most erection problems are vascular in nature. This is why nitric oxide is so important.

NO and Your Sex Life


Have you heard of Flavanoids?
You are going to want to remember to eat dark chocolate, drink black tea, dark grape juice and red wine. These foods have flavanoids that give your NO a boost and get those blood vessels dilated. They, these seem to work best in people over 50 years old, too. These foods may also reduce your risk of heart attack.

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A healthy sex life is part of a naturally holistic lifestyle-no matter what your age.
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