Natural Holistic Living: What Does That Really Mean?

Simply speaking, natural holistic medicine is an approach to health where the body, mind and spirit are all equally important and they each constantly interact with the other. That is a fancy way of saying that the body, mind and spirit all part of the whole that is you and me.

Let's take a closer look at Natural Holistic Health

In other words, any physical illness has an impact on your mental and spiritual aspects. Your emotions and your relationships are also impacted. Natural holistic health means that we recognize this-it is never just about the body or the mind. It is about the whole-hence 'holism.'

Let's go on...

Any emotional upset impacts you physically and spiritually.

And, you guessed it; any spiritual distress can’t help but have an impact on your body and your mind.
See, we talk about them as if they’re completely separate, but they’re not at all. This is the basis of natural holistic health and medicine!

Think of it like this: If one of the bubbles in this container popped or changed shape, the other bubbles would have to be changed, also.

They’re separate, but inter-related. It is the same for us. Whether we become sick, go through a divorce or some other trauma, every aspect, our body, emotions, relationships, our ability to think clearly can all be affected.

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So, what is natural holistic health?



Spirit all working together!

If you can remember this, it makes the many different labels and modalities a bit easy to navigate through.

There are different names-alternative, complimentary, integrative...

There are lots of different kinds of treatments and modalities such as:




Herbal Therapies

Yoga and other body work that incorporates meditation

Spirituality practices and spiritual healing


Finding Balance

Music Therapy

Body Therapy (massage, reflexology...)

Energy Healing Modalities and many, many more!

But, remember-natural holistic health and medicine is all about the body, mind and spirit working together.

Natural Holistic Health Labels

Maybe you’ve heard the terms 'alternative medicine,'natural holistic medicine,' and 'complimentary medicine' and 'integrative medicine.’
The terms are often used interchangeably. In the beginning, in the United States, anyway, some of the holistic practices were considered 'alternative' to our traditional medicine. While aromatherapy and massage are typical practices in some European hospitals, it is pretty much unheard of in hospitals in the United States. Herbal medicine was also viewed as an alternative choice to traditional medicine. In many ways, this is the current view among many.
The term complimentary medicine came about as the holistic and natural therapies were viewed as more of a compliment to patient healing. So called complimentary medicine could go right alongside traditional Western medicine. We didn't know just how beneficial some of the therapies were, but the more we used them, the more we learned. Also, more research has been done, and that has certainly helped to gain some credibility in the medical community.

Good News!
Now, in some circles, natural holistic medicine and therapies have become just as important (valuable) as traditional medicine. The practice of both traditional medicine and holistic medicine in the same setting, and sometimes by the same practitioner is known as integrative medicine. In fact,there are medical schools that offer this as part of their curriculum. Yes, we've come a long way!
It is fair to say that most of us want to take better care of ourselves, because, well, frankly, nobody is perfect at this. Maybe we know that stress can cause illness, yet, we let stress bombard us. Even the muscle bound personal trainer guy at the gym, the yoga enthusiast or the vegetarian is not perfect. They may be closer than we are, but we all have excuses for why we don’t take better care of ourselves. Sometimes it even takes a serious illness to wake us up.

Don’t wait for that serious illness to wake you up when it is so simple to start taking care of yourself or a loved one today!

Our modern medicine has so much good to offer, but it (we) sometimes neglect the emotional and spiritual aspects of a person. I’m not sure how we can, but we do.

The good news is that this is changing. It is rapidly changing.


#1: We, the consumers, are demanding it. That’s right.

The Office of Alternative Medicine (OAM) was created by the National Institute of Health (NIH) to evaluate alternative therapies.

1993: $2 million budget for research 1999: $50 million budget for research and was renamed the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM)

That's right- a whopping $48 million dollar increase for research in just 9 years. It has continued to rise. Why? Because we, the consumers, want to know what works, what hurts, what doesn't matter and so on. We don't want to waste our time or our money.

#2: Many healthcare providers went into medicine because they like to work with people.

That’s doesn’t mean we enjoy giving people prescriptions and sending them on their way. Most of us find this assembly line type of medicine to be emotionally draining. It means we want that human connection. In fact, the human connection is essential in life. Do you want to peak into the life of a nurse practitioner who practices natural, holistic medicine in her personal and professional life? I'll tell you about my own experiences and make recommendations about products I really like.

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