Healing Therapies

Healing Therapies

Have you ever wondered what therapy AND what practitioner are best for your problem? You aren't alone. Many of us are a bit confused over it. This is because there might be multiple titles for the same therapy (modality) and practitioner. It is my job to keep it simple, though!

Let's take a look at Mind-Body Therapies, Energy Healing, Touch Therapies and health care provider descriptions such as naturopath, homeopathic physician, medical doctor, nurse practitioner, osteopathic physician, chiropractor and more.

Healing Therapies

Mind-Body Medicine

Our mind (our thoughts) have a tremendous impact on our health. This can be a positive or negative thing. This isn't new-in fact this line of belief about the close connection of our minds and bodies began centuries ago. It is new to some of us, because when 'modern' medicine came about in the 17th century, science took over. Science is not bad, of course, however letting go of belief that we have a lot of power over our healing kind of got lost. In fact, many people seek quick fixes and pills to overcome disease (dis-ease) before and instead of addressing the problem from within. Natural Holistic health can be about the blend between the wonderful modern medicine we have today AND the power within each of us. Mind-Body Medicine is about letting our minds be neutral and open. Then. this neutral open mind is used to promote healing-in the body, mind and spirit.

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guided imagery



Music Therapy


Muscle Relaxation



Holistic Healing Therapies and Energy Medicine

This is probably one of the most exciting areas of holistic healing. It is really fascinating in that in energy medicine uses our energy fields for healing. We are all probably family with the type of energy that can be measured such as vibrations, light, laser beams... There is another type of energy that surrounds our body and flows through it. There are different names for this 'life force' energy including 'qi' (traditional Chinese medicine), 'ki' (Japanese Kampo system, 'prana' (ayurvedic medicine) and others. the overall goal of energy medicine is to get the energy flowing smoothly. It is about clearing, balance and even stimulation of energy to promote holistic (body, mind and spirit) well being. This is an area of medicine you will hear more about. Many nurses are trained in energy medicine and practice it daily within their own settings.

Healing Therapies: Examples of Energy Medicine


Healing Touch (this sounds kind of funny, but healing touch may not require any physical touch at all)

Reiki and Reiki for Animals

Magnetic Healing

Holistic Healing Therapies and Touch

The power of touch is vital. We all know how a good hug can help us to feel better. This is one type of touch, and there are also specific healing modalities that involve touch-very specific, healing physical touch. Some of the ones you may hear about include the Alexander technique, Feldenkrais method, Massge, Reflexology, Rolfing and spinal manipulation. many of us are family with these types of therapies. Massage and chiropractic medicine are mainstream. Touch therapies work by way of physical manipulation of the body (as compared to energy medicine which might not require physical touch at all). The risks associated with these types of modalities is pretty low. The therapies with the greatest risks are spinal manipulation, but then again, the practitioners who use this (chiropractors, osteopaths, physical therapists) are some of the most educated and well-trained practitioners of holistic healing.

Holistic Healing Therapies and Practitioners

Holistic Healing Therapies and Practitioners

There is a lot of confusion over the real nature of various practitioners. It is easy to see why! There are a variety of names and some practitioners do more than one modality. For instance, massage therapists may integrate healing touch or Reiki (energy) and aromatherapy into their massages. I'm a holistic nurse practitioner. Does that mean I don't prescribe antibiotics if needed?

Are naturopaths the same as homeopaths? Okay- let's get a bit more clear on this. I'm going to list a variety of practitioners. Some require extensive training and education, some do not. Not every type of holistic practitioner is on the list. Before you see someone, ask about education, training, risks and benefits of the treatment and success rate. Scientific research might be limited. This isn't necessarily because the therapies are beneficial.

It takes money, willing researchers and willing participants to do research. Oh, yeah-be sure and ask how much the treatment costs. Some of the therapies can be extensive and expensive. However, if it helps you to feel better...

Natural Holistic Healing Therapies-and more to follow

Massage Therapists


Creative Imagery (visualization) practitioner

Ayrurveda physician

Colon hydrotherapist



Osteopathic Physician


Energy Healer

Holistic Practitioner

Music Therapist

Color Therapist



Feng Shui practitioner

Healing Therapies and Finding just the RIGHT healthcare provider for YOU!

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