Natural Health and Nutrition is about letting your food be your medicine and letting your medicine be your food.

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Natural Health and Nutrition

Natural health foods and vitamins aren't only found in health food stores or in vitamin bottles. They can be found everywhere. Consider this:

Chicken soup can help you feel better when you catch a cold. Hey, better yet- it can help you avoid getting sick, altogether!

Using food and herbs as natural medicine isn't new. In fact, it has been around for as long as we have.

In the 25th century, a Jewish physician/philosopher Maimonides discovered that chicken soup was a remedy for asthma. Collected garlic, mustard seed, and other herbs and spices from herb gardens and the countryside became medicine for people.

Today we know that chicken soup with rice can help with diarrhea by providing some very specific sugars that protect the lining of the small intestines. Calcium tablets can help, too. Doesn't that sound better for your body than taking a pill? That's what Natural Health and Nutrition is all about.

What happened that led us farther away from Natural Health and Nutrition?

Natural Health and Nutrition

We fell in love with the manufactured, quick fixes of the modern pharamceutical industry. If we get sick, there is always a pill or some remedy we can take. We forgot how to prevent illness AND most importantly, we forgot to make health a priority.

Does this mean that the medicine companies and our modern medicine are all bad?

Of course not. Modern medicine does some absolutely wonderful, miraculous things. However,there is no need to overlook the benefits of natural, healthy foods. The more we discover about nutrition, the more we learn about how important the relationship is between what we eat and how we feel.

Some of the benefits of healthy food choices (Natural Health and Nutrition)are:

Vitamins and nutrients can help prevent disease. Food provides these naturally. You can get these vitamins and nutrients from a variety of sources including smoothies and other sources of antioxidants.

There is a strong connection between our mood and food.

Do you suffer with feelings of depression? Food can really make a difference for you.

Do you know what Wellness really means? Food is one important part of wellness.

Improve your overall performance, including sports performance.

Natural Health and Nutrition

Something More to Consider!

Medications have side effects. Some have side effects that you may not know about for a long time. Medications used in combination can interact with one another to cause big problems for you.

We will do better with our health choices overall, because we'll stop relying on quick fixes. Wellness can be achieved.

How's that, you ask? Imagine if you routinely choose fresh vegetables over Twinkies. (I use Twinkies as an example because I really love Twinkies! They don't love me back, though.) Healthy choices are not always an easy choice, I understand.
Making healthy choices might be tough at first, but pretty soon it becomes a habit, and you are feeling good.
Example: After a stressful day at work, you come home with a head-ache.

Rather than reach for that bottle of quick fix head-ache relief, you give yourself some quiet time to unwind and choose a light, healthy meal for yourself. Seems like light-years away? It isn't as far away as you might think.

My 10 Top Healing Foods! Are your favorite foods on the list?

Okay, so let's make natural health and nutrition easy.

First, let's take a look at our typical Western Diet and what we can do! In this case, we need to see where we are before we move ahead. Then, I'll give you a few tips (little changes) you can do to work toward natural health and nutrition.

Typical Western diets have left many of us tired, sick and warn out. What can you do? Check out Holistic Nutrition Tips!

Natural Health and Nutrition
What Do You Need to Know?

Omega-3 Fatty Acids are important for heart health and general health. Do you get enough?

Good Carb, Bad Carb: Let's ge the TRUTH out! Click here.

Fiber can help keep your cholesterol in a good range and so much more. Click here to get going with fiber!

Awareness is Key. is a great resource. Click here to learn for yourself.

Natural Health and Nutrition

A Very Typical Scenario We got busy working and playing and being just way too busy. So, we learned to rely on processed and fast foods, instead of naturally occuring healthy foods.

Fast foods and processed foods are cheaper. It often costs more to prepare fresh foods. Also, fresh fruits and vegetables can go bad before you buy them. Canned foods are loaded with salt and sugar, but they last awhile and frankly, you can make worse choices.

Processed foods are high in hydrogenated (trans fatty acids) fats and salt. Some are also low in nutrients, and are generally high in calories. HMMM Low in nutrients and high in calories-not a good combination!
Fast food choices abound. The supermarket is filled with shelves of pre-prepared foods and cans and bags of chips, cookies and other foods that can last for a year or more. We drink gallons and gallons of soda filled with sugar and/or chemicals. Artifical sweetners probably do damage to our bodies that we will know for a while.

Simple Steps Toward Natural Health and Nutrition

Plan ahead. This isn't always so simple, but with practice it gets easier.

Plan a simple menu of what you want to eat for the week. Purchase those fresh fruits and vegetables (or frozen ones), what fish, chicken or meat you want and what whole grains you might have. Brown rice can be purchased and kept on the shelf. Hey, there is some good news. Some vegetables last longer than others in the fridge, so you might plan them for later in the week. I sometimes will barbeque or bake chicken on the week-end, and my husband and I can have it for lunch or dinner for a few days. We don't get tired of leftovers, and that also makes it easier. Your planning doesn't have to be elaborate, but you do have to think ahead. Better to spend a little time on your food planning now, than to fight disease later.

Okay, I have another super easy way to help you make good choices. One of my favorite kitchen tools is my VitaMix blender. This machine is so powerful and makes it easy to use fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables to make smoothies, soups and more. It even heats the soup, so you don't need to do anything else with it.
We like to make fruit smoothies that always include frozen blueberries. Blueberries are some of the most potent antioxidants you can eat. (More about antioxidants coming up soon!) This machine is easy to use and easy to clean, and who doesn't like that? I like to add protein powder, soy milk and a variety of fruits. I can probably get my daily quota of fruits in just one serving, AND unlike typical juicers, you get the all important fiber in your drink because you just put the whole fruit in the blender-no need to take out the seeds or to peel unless you just want to.

What about Antioxidants?

Natural Health and Nutrition

What else can you do?

Be sure and take a look at the links to this page. There was just too much to put on one page, so I separated them out.

Also, learn a few, but important facts about fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.

When I grew up, it was common to put butter on about everything, to fry eggs in the leftover bacon fat,that was saved and used to season food cooked later on.

It was not uncommon to eat meat 2-3 times a day, and to enjoy fried foods guilt free. We didn't know it was so bad. Of course, we didn't know a whole lot about cholesterol and heart disease either. I wish we had known more, because my father was in his early 40s when he had his first heart attack.

We've learned along the way, and have found our way back to natural health and nutrition.

Are Smoothies Fountains of Youth?

Natural Health and Nutrition with Fats: Is it really a 4 letter word?

Proteins can Hurt and Proteins can Help. How much do you know?

Carbohydrates CAN be your friends!

What does food have to do with Mood? Ah, funny you should ask!
Not sure where to begin? How about a few Success Secrets to get started?

What else can you do to get closer to Natural Health with Nutrition? Be sure and keep up with the latest health discoveries. Things change fast and new research is always coming out.

Purchase healthy, highly nutritious food. You can purchase locally or online. This is just one excellent resource:
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